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Meet ryan ROURKE

With 22 years of experience in sales, financing and private funding - plus a construction background on over 200 successful house flips, from single-family homes to developments worth upwards of $10 million, Ryan is uniquely qualified as mentor with real life experience.

Few coaches have Ryan’s expertise and experience: understanding the real estate industry at the highest level; working daily with teams; making sure projects stay within budget, and building a profitable evergreen business.

Outside of real estate, Ryan has mastered living a healthy lifestyle with incredible relationships, a powerful mindset, and an amazing family.

Whether you’re looking for support in your business of everyday life, book your call with Ryan today and learn how he can help you.


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Ryan Rourke walked me through my first home-buyer experience with wisdom, prompt advice, and professionalism. I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Ryan. My needs on buying my first home had to suit my children and I ,as well as, meeting the conditions so I can care for my parents. He helped me find the perfect home for my family and I. He exceeded expectations throughout the entire buying process and was incredible through every stage of selling my home as well. Ryan was an ally, friend, and advisor and helped me navigate the process. His professionalism, expertise and patients made it easy and enjoyable. His marketing and network connections were fantastic. He truly knows the market and made great recommendations for me. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Ryan to you. It is rare to find the work ethic, character, and genuine kindness all in one person but that is what you'll get with Ryan!

Joe Healy

Ryan has been the biggest financial mentor I have had over the years. He had never hesitated to give me great advice in all financial situations, but where he really separates himself us in the real estate game. Gus knowledge when t comes to all things real estate is unparalleled. I was on the verge of making a terrible decision in renting an over priced apartment, when Ryan convinced me out of it. He went over in detail with me why it was a mistake, and why I would be better off buying a home if my own. Him and his wife Courtney, who is an amazing real estate agent, helped me to find a fixer upper that was a good investment, and even introduced me to a finance guy who helped me to get approved when I had no business getting approved at the time. Ryan then reccomend contractors, what I should and shouldn’t do with the house as far as renovations, etc. when it was time to sell, I called Ryan and he told me exactly what to do, then sold me my next property. Working with Ryan and taking his advice on my first home set me down a path to financial freedom. If I had never taken his advice, I can’t picture where I would be now. I still to this day call him whenever I have any questions or need advice. I can’t reccomend working with him and Courtney enough, it will change your life.

Agnol Egalite

Mr. Rourke allowed me to have an internship with him which helped me and my sons and change our whole mentality in the real estate industry. He was a mentor, friend, and the person who inspired me to take the first steps toward this new stage of my life & career. We will always be grateful for the knowledge and time he shared with us.

Victor Maldonado

I have known Ryan for 3 years. Whenever I need any help with real estate and or advice he is my go to person, always ensuring that I understand his answers and going above and beyond. Having Ryan on your side can really be an asset, specially with all his living experience and knowledge. I recommend him and his work for everyone I know, family and friends. Definitely go and talk to him, you will see how nice of a person and knowledgeable on the area he is.


Ryan has been a friend of mine for 20 years, around 12 years ago I decided I needed a career change, the real estate world had always been a passion of mine but I didn’t have the proper knowledge or training to pursue it. Ryan was deeply submerged and thriving in success. I reached out to him one day and asked if I could learn from him and shadow some of his projects. He told me if I made the effort he would put in the work. I can’t thank Ryan enough for giving me the chance to learn from him. Today I own multiple rental units and have done many flips, without Ryan myself or my family wouldn’t be in the position we are in today. I’m blessed to have had Ryan as my mentor and friend

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